Moving on from Ovum

30 03 2012

Today is my last day working at Ovum. After nearly five years with the company, split between London and Melbourne, as an editor and an analyst in two different teams, it’s time for me to move on.

It’s been amazing. I’ve made some lifelong (I hope) friends, learned an incredible amount, and done some things that I would never have thought possible five years ago. Ovum is full of great people with intelligence and integrity, and I wish them all every success.

It’s sad to leave, but the time is right for something new. I will be taking up a role with a large Australian digital media business, which I expect will provide plenty to sink my teeth into. I am looking forward to “doing” rather than “talking about”.

Before I go, I want to thank Lee Hope for hiring me (as an editor) in the first place. At the time I had just landed in London, and I chose Ovum over another job offer that paid slightly more, because I got a great vibe from the team that interviewed me at Ovum. It was the right decision. I grew as an editor, and the nine months I spent in his team provided a great grounding in how this whole analyst thing works. I still feel like an honourary life-member of Team Editorial.

Thanks to Mike Philpott who offered me my first analyst role, in his Consumer team. Mike is an excellent analyst and one of the most supportive and encouraging managers I have ever had. He’s also a great bloke despite his unfortunate devotion to English rugby.

The bulk of my time in London was spent working with Adam Leach and Tony Cripps in the Devices & Platforms team. This was basically the best job ever. Travelling around talking to interesting people and technology companies; writing about smartphones and tablets just as they were really taking off; and generally learning a ridiculous amount from two of the smartest guys in the room, while having a hell of a lot of fun. The fact that much of this learning occurred in the pub doesn’t diminish it in any way! Thanks guys.

And thanks to Adrian Drury, who recruited me into his Media & Broadcast Technology team and allowed me to transfer home to Melbourne. I learned a lot – very fast – from Adrian, and it was a real buzz working together with the local teams to build an Asia-Pac client base virtually from scratch.

Finally, a more general thanks to all my other friends and accomplices (who are too numerous to name but you know who you are) at the company. I wish you all the best, I hope we stay in touch, and I thank you all for sharing your knowledge and good humour with me. I hope we can have a pint or a coffee together, in Melbourne or in London, soon.

Onwards and upwards.