Mobile devices are terror enablers (and must be stopped)

1 12 2008

Despite what the tabloid media may be hinting at, the fact that terrorists used BlackBerries is not at all interesting. They might as well have used any other kind of mobile phone with or without mobile Web access. Mobile devices are designed to make communication and organisation simple, so it’s pretty obvious that committed and trained killers would want to gain the same advantages of rapid information dissemination and access to live news from their accomplices and the world’s media. If we are surprised that terrorists are able to procure and use basic telecommunications equipment, then we’ve got some serious problems.

I see this as a simple progression from the Munich terrorists of 1972 watching TV to keep track of the German snipers setting up. This is not advanced stuff – anyone can use a mobile. The problem isn’t the use of common technology to commit crimes, it’s the motivation, ideology and availability of deadly weapons.

“My god! They used a BlackBerry!” – yes, but they also used guns and grenades.




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